An overview of the spartan army and the role of lycergus

The spartan army was significant in all aspects of the society the army was the basis of which sparta developed into the state known all over the world it impacted their lives spiritually, politically and socially. The principal source for the organization of the spartan army is xenophon, who admired the spartans and whose constitution of sparta offers a detailed overview of the spartan state and society at the beginning of the 4th century bc.

Lycurgus of sparta nineteenth-century statue of lycurgus at the neoclassical palais de justice in brussels , belgium lycurgus ( / l aɪ ˈ k ɜːr ɡ ə s / greek : λυκοῦργος , lykoûrgos , ancient greek: [lykôrɡos] fl c 820 bc) was the quasi-legendary lawgiver of sparta who established the military-oriented reformation of spartan society in accordance with the oracle of apollo at delphi.

The spartan army was one of the most powerful of the ancient world, and this was due to the spartan military that was the core and the backbone of the ancient greek state. (a) what was the great rhetra (2 marks) the great rhetra was an utterance of the delphic oracle brought back to sparta by the lawgiver lycurgus (b) who was lycurgus (2 marks) lycurgus is the legendary founder of spartan’s military reforms. The spartan army stood at the centre of the spartan state, whose citizens' primary obligation was to be good soldiers subject to military drill from infancy, the spartans were one of the most feared military forces in world history at the height of sparta's power – between the 6th and 4th.

Sparta - lycurgus share flipboard email print lycurgus of sparta clipartcom -- back to sparta: a military state-- if legendary, role in their acceptance lycurgus claimed that the oracle had insisted the laws not be written down he tricked the spartans into keeping the laws for an ostensibly short period -- while lycurus went on a. Sparta summary notes 2016 uploaded by emilly related interests sparta ancient greece rating and stats – role of the spartan army – control of the helots: the military, syssitia, krypteia (provides background and explanations of early sparta and the lycurgus reforms and institutions) polybius ‘fighting singly they are as. Lycurgus was the legendary lawgiver of sparta plutarch describes the life of lycurgus as if lycurgus had been a real person the peculiar non-monogamous spartan marriages, and the role of the state in deciding which newborn was fit to live like children in military areas today, spartans grew up fast learn about gorgo, queen of sparta.

The dual monarchy (unity/synoecism) of the spartan kings is an important aspect of the spartan government, as in most monarchy’s, particularly with their contribution to the military and religious spheres of spartan life. The role of the spartan army military civic domestic economic ideological gives us a detailed overview of the structure of the spartan army around 400 bc most accounts support the idealised view of the spartan army sparta’s role as hegamon of the peloponnese supports the accepted superiority of sparta amongst its neighbours as. And so at sparta the boys are never without a ruler - from xenophon constitution of the lacedaimonians 21 the state -controlled education [ agoge ] in sparta was designed not to instill literacy, but fitness, obedience, and courage.

An overview of the spartan army and the role of lycergus

According to the legend, the spartan law was written by the great lawmaker (greek: νομοθέτης, nomothetis) lycurgusplutarch mentions that lycurgus (literally wolf-worker) wrote the laws in order to make the city state of sparta invincible, the spartans fearless and law-abiding it was a law-package with politico-military, economic and social reforms. Role of the spartan army - spartan evolution into a militaristic state in the 8th century, sparta (at this time much similar to other greek states.

  • The spartan hoplite army, however, showed the rest of greece the way forward towards a greater military professionalism and considering the iconic image of fearless and disciplined hoplites with red cloaks and lambda-emblazoned shields, for the greeks, admiring romans and even 21st century film-goers, this is sparta.

Lycurgus: lycurgus, traditionally, the lawgiver who founded most of the institutions of ancient sparta scholars have been unable to determine conclusively whether lycurgus was a historical person and, if he did exist, which institutions should be attributed to him in surviving ancient sources, he is first.

an overview of the spartan army and the role of lycergus Sparta wasn’t always the great nation of military denomination ‘sparta lost the battle of hysiai to argos in 669bc and long remembered the humiliation (brian brennan, spartan society) this defeat led to the reforms made by lycurgus, to transform sparta into the militaristic state that is idealized today.
An overview of the spartan army and the role of lycergus
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